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Complete line of stationary design cartridge seals, metal bellows seals as well as component seals in the most popular configurations including metric and submersible applications.  Specialty seals for mixers, agitators and slurry applications.  Metric seals are standard items.

Complete selection of bearing seals for wet or dry/vertical or horizontal applications.  Both in dynamic and positive sealing configurations.  Ideal for pump bearing frames, gear boxes, steam turbine bearing assemblies, blowers, fans, motors, air locks and all low-pressure centrifugal shaft seal applications.  Available for 0.75" to 20" shaft diameters.

Industry leader in the manufacture of mechanical packings, firesleeves, flexible graphite and gaskets.   Manufacturer of industry specific special seals.  The latest technology in environmental valve stem packings.

Manufactures a Dry-running Cartridge mechanical seal for viscous liquids.  Faceless, springless designs, specialty lip seals and hydrodynamic elements producing a pumping action for even more effective sealing.  Bi-directionals annular units available for shaft reversing.  Cooler running for long life in high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

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