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Canned Motor & Magnetic Drive Pump Repair Services

  • Founded in 1979, a one-stop 35,000 square foot modern machine and repair shop with extensive     experience in:

                  All phases of canned pump repair

                  motor stator rewinding




                  linear replacement 

  •   On Site 12,000 gallon pump testing loop (capable of testing up to 500 hp with hydrostatic testing capabilities up to 10,000 psi)
  • 24 hour emergency service staffed with experienced, safe and dedicated employees
  • Servicing for all major brands: Hermetic, Dickow, Sundyne, Chempump, Nikkiso, Teikoku, SIHI, ABS, LP&E, Carver, Viking, Lawrence and others.
  • Factory Authorized Repair Facility for : Teikoku, Chempump and Hermetic

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