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One Eye Magnetic Filtration Systems

•    A Patented Arrangement of Magnetic Filter Elements that increase the      magnetic fields 10X in strength and 4X in radial diameter.
•    Filter All particulates down to 0.05 µ
•    No pressure drop across filter media
•    No filter Elements to change
•    Can be a stand-alone element or work in

     conjunction with your existing filtration system. 

What Can We Filter:
•    Coolant or heating oil
•    Fuels – Gas or liquid
•    Water (seal flush for ash removal, condensate)
•    Hydraulics (All hydraulic oils, Glycol, mineral oil etc)
•    Air, Flue gas
•    Amines/Glycol
•    Pipeline Products
•    Can filter Pump Suction lines with no pressure drop







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