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 All MasterFlo Pump Parts are interchangeable with Durco and Goulds ANSI Pumps

Master Flo Centrifugal Pumps (ANSI B73.1M) Hydraulics and dimensionally interchangeable with Durco MK III and Goulds 3196 Ansi Pumps. Upgraded power end is standard with oversized internally epoxy coated sump and laby or end faced bearing isolators.

  • All MasterFlo pump parts are interchangeable with Durco and Goulds ANSI pumps. OEM power ends and refurbished pumps are available.

Unique and versatile internal and external gear pumps.

  • Internal gear version utilizes design where both rotating parts are hydraulically balanced with no overhung loading. Process is fed from both sides of the gears and acts as an internal reducer slowing down the larger rotating gear resulting in reduced wear, less maintenance, compact size and less noise.
  •  Available in sealed and mag-drive configurations.

Manufacturer of Specialty Pumps and Motors since 1815.  Custom engineered to meet the most demanding of applications and environments. 

Retrofit existing hydraulics into a:

  • sealless canned motor configuration
  • new canned motor pumps
  • boiler circulation pumps
  • ​nuclear process pumps
  • subsea pumps
  • chemical distribution pumps

​Process Pumps:

B-73.1 - ANSI Process Pump

               Alloy Sealed Pump

               Lined Magnetic Drive Pump

B-73.3 - ANSI Magnetic Drive Alloy Pump

               ANSI Alloy Self Priming Pump

API Compliant Pumps:

OH2 - Horizontal  end suction sealed design

API 685 - Magnetic drive end suction pump

BB1 - Double suction horizontal split pump

BB2 - Top/Top single or multi-stage double suction 

BB3 - Axially split multi-stage pump

BB4 - Multi-stage ring section pump

BB5 - Radially-split barrel pump

VS3 and VS6 - Single and double walled vertically

*Pump testing capability up to 7500 BHP




Complete range of water and chemical centrifugal pumps 

  • Single and Double Volute Multi-Stage split case pumps (up to 88,000 GPM & 3000' TDH)
  • Multi-Stage ring section pumps (up to 3000 GPM & 1800' TDH)


ANSI dimensional sealless,non-m​etallic centrifugal pump utilizing patented thrust bearing design

which eliminates the need for axial thrust bearings, creating a controlled internal environment which regulates the pressures on the process lubricated bearing.  This virtually eliminates the possibility of flashing while providing particulate control resulting in a "clean stream" to the bearings.  Available in various configurations up to 1100 gpm and 500'TDH.​

Offers a wide range of quality products and including the SICcast© slurry pumps.

  • SICcast © pumps provide the highest wear and corrosion resistance on the market today.
  •  SICcast© is a proprietary material developed by Duchting that is impervious to chlorides, and withstands pH values from <1 to 12.  SICcast© pumps also excel in small particle acidic slurries.
  •  Duchting also offers metallic slurry pumps and multi-stage ring section pumps.


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